Michele Resciniti

I’m Michele Resciniti,
business coach & consultant.

My career path has not always been a downhill road. And that’s exactly what I have to say thank you to.

I am grateful because from life’s challenges I have learned to listen, to persevere, to share.

That is why today I help other people grow as entrepreneurs and take their professional redemption.

There are many business opportunities, including Network Marketing, which I have become well acquainted with over time, developing a stable and profitable business.

I chose to collaborate with a partner who boasts a successful history of over 30 years in Europe, sharing its values and quality standards.

The company started its business in 1934 in the nutraceutical sector in the area of dietary supplementation. The combination of science and wellness enables people to live better and healthier lives.

People are really at the center

That’s why I love to talk about teams and multiplying success. The past year has seen significant growth results, both in the number of participants and in turnover.

What I desire, however, is to make my skills and coaching available to people who wish to structure an entrepreneurial business based on 3 core values:


Because there is no goal if you do not know the destination for ambition to lead to growth and lasting improvement.


To build mutual, healthy and profitable business relationships. Remembering a person for how he or she made you feel at that moment.


Of others and their opinions. But also respect for nature by choosing an ethical activity.

If you also share my vision and values, I am sure you have a successful future ahead of you, and I will be happy to come alongside you as you grow.

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