Michele Resciniti

Are you ready to invest in a successful independent career?

I am Michele Resciniti and with my I.M.B. method I help you build your business and achieve financial freedom.

When we address people who are very different from us, friction sometimes arises in the cognitive mechanism. As if the natural synergy between the help offered and the economic return did not bring benefits for both parties.

Today, thanks to my ten-year experience, that to work together profitably for both we need to collaborate, i.e. actively participate towards common and higher goals.

It is certainly a challenging journey.

Michele Resciniti
Michele Resciniti - Networker

But if you are an ambitious person who wants to create a successful business that you can carry on whenever you want and wherever you are, you know that patience and concentration invariably deliver results.

I was able to experience it first hand.

The solutions to have one’s revenge in business are many, among them Network Marketing stands out.

The difference nowadays is to have a guide for:

My I.M.B. method.

Through my experience in the international market and my training in Personal Branding and Closing, I have developed a unique and innovative method to enable others to replicate the same success in a proven and scalable way.

Attractive Marketing is one of the levers we will work on with special attention, enhancing your Personal Brand.

We will build your “irresistible” communication system based on authority and competence, but also on uniqueness and character.

We will combine offline and online, to achieve the highest level of personal satisfaction, number of customers and ultimately profit.

A unique approach

The I.M.B. method was created for two reasons: to help you deal with the complexities of operating online and offline, and to become a benchmark in international business development, between Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Therefore, over the years, I have developed a completely new approach based on the most innovative Marketing and Sales strategies.

At the same time, the I.M.B. method is strongly rooted in timeless values that I share with the partner companies I choose to work with:


To act to achieve their goals, without limits or impositions.


everyone can build the future they dream of, without distinction of any kind.


choose to act for themselves, but also for the welfare of their family.


commitment, perseverance and support toward other people are encouraged and valued.

Only with the same roots can we give birth to a solid business and support each other.

"With bricks you build, through roots you grow."

Do you want to know more?

I’m Michele Resciniti, and what I “won’t do” is drag you to the finish line. But when you get there, listening to my advice and interacting with persistence and determination, I will be the first to applaud you and give you the tools to continue on the road to success.

What network marketing is and what it is not

Network Marketing is much more than an independent business activity. Precisely because of this given its extremely high potential, it is attracted to a multitude of subjects far from ethical and professional characteristics.

This happens everywhere where there is a lot of money in circulation. Despite this, companies based on concrete values and principles have not seen their success eroded. And the very many people who continue to invest time and skills in this profession are succeeding in asserting their authenticity.

Personally, I like to give a broader definition of Network Marketing, which is an alternative business model that allows anyone who really wants to, to become an entrepreneur. Robert T. Kyosaki, world-renowned entrepreneur and author, teaches us that:

Michele Resciniti - Sito ufficiale
Michele Resciniti - Sito ufficiale

"The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work."

In my career as an independent professional, I have come to realize how important it is to have a strong mindset and above all to be clear about one’s direction, in life and in business.

5 lessons for success

The more you do, the more you get. The important thing is to persevere and not get discouraged right away

Anyone can spend time learning and mastering skills if they really want to.

Long-term focus is much more important than short-term vision.

Aim for S.M.A.R.T. goals, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Realistic, Temporal.

Choose one path and walk it for at least 3 years without getting distracted.

This is just a first step in the journey I offer you to take together to build your business and take the revenge you deserve.

If you think you deserve more